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 Hello, I'm Brittany Akin

I am a certified teacher, child mindset development coach and trainer. In my 15+ years of experience, I have developed a specialized set of skills to help kids identify and overcome mindset patterns that hold them back from being the best versions of themselves. 

I believe in an empowered sense of self and that the best way to acheive that is to intentionally develop empowering mindsets at a young age. To accomplish this, I provide personalized and intentional instruction of the skills necessary for kids to not only recognize self-doubting and limiting mindsets, but also teach them strategies that can be used to combat and overcome these mindsets before they become permanent belief systems.


What can mindset coaching do for my child?

Mindset coaching can:

  • Help your child see themselves the same way you do- as amazing, real-life X-men/Avengers with their own superpowers!

  • Allow your child to know themselves from the inside out and have all of the skills necessary to work through anything that life throws at them - with confidence.

  • Reprogram your child's negative mindset patterns that might be impacting their mental, academic, or social growth- keeping them from growing into their best selves.

We have tried a lot of solutions, why is this different?

As their parent you have likely engaged them in motivating conversations to help work through their limiting mindsets and insecurities. You have provided positive feedback and encouraging words in hopes to build their confidence. However, they haven’t been able to internalize these conversations enough to make a lasting impact. They continue to struggle with accepting these things to be true about themselves. As parents, this puts us in a tough spot. WE know how amazing they are and that they are capable of ANYTHING. WHY DON’T THEY SEE IT FOR THEMSELVES!? This issue is hard to fix on our own because the root of their mindset barriers may be unclear. It is difficult to know the best way to intentionally support them to overcome these beliefs that are getting in their way. 

The foundation of a child’s mindset development requires intentional support. Just like any other new skill, they need time to learn, practice, and apply. These foundations are too important for wishful thinking that they will naturally “pick them up along the way”. Think about it...did YOU? What mindset patterns do you, as an adult, STILL struggle with and might have even thought, “Why didn’t anyone ever teach me this?”
We tutor the development of their academics. We train the development of their athletics. Why would we not give intentional support to the development of the mindsets that influence who they are? 

Imagine the days leading up to when your child is ready to embark on the next chapter in their lives...without you. What are the core belief systems and mindset patterns your heart hopes they are taking with them? 


You hope they: 

  • Have an unwavering understanding of who they are and what they are capable of.

  • Can adapt and problem solve.

  • Can speak up for themselves.

  • Truly know their worth and can recognize healthy relationships with others.

  • Are mindful. You hope they are able to recognize and correct situations that don’t feel quite right and are causing them to become mentally overwhelmed.

  • Are self-assured and can detach from peer pressure that goes against their values.

  • Are self-sufficient and have the skills they need to thrive. You hope they are mentally prepared to build the life of their dreams. 


Developing these foundational mindset skills NOW, will solidify the positive relationship your child has with THEMSELVES and set them on a path of unlimited potential and unstoppable self-assurance. 

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